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We at Teva are committed to putting people at the center of everything we do. We strive to provide innovative treatments and generic medicines that help to improve the health and lives for millions of people around the world.

Visit our site for downloadable resources to help patients and care partners discuss HD chorea with their healthcare team and to learn more about a potential treatment option.


The Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization is non-profit set up to provide support and education to young people (aged up to 35) impacted by Huntington’s disease (HD) around the world. Our goal is to provide support and education for young people impacted by HD globally. We do this through providing professional support online, creating needed educational content for all age groups, making our site and content available in as many languages as we can, connecting young people with their peers, making events such as youth camps and conferences around the world, motivating and providing opportunities for young people to get involved and working with other HD organizations to improve what they offer young people also.

The Huntington’s Disease Society of America is the premier non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by Huntington’s Disease. From community services and education to advocacy and research, HDSA is the world’s leader in providing help for today, hope for tomorrow for people with Huntington’s disease and their families. In the battle against Huntington’s disease, no one fights alone.

The North Carolina chapter of HDSA strives to support the local HD community through fundraising and community engagement. We work with families, individuals, healthcare providers, and other non-profit organizations across the state to host a variety of events that aim to expand access, awareness, education, and create opportunities for fun for the whole community."

Wave Life Sciences is a biotechnology company focused on delivering transformational therapies for patients with serious, genetically defined disease.

Tree of Life Jewelry is loved and adored now all over the country and in all different parts of the world. Now you can wear one while also helping to support HD Reach. Terry Buehner, the designer of these unique pieces, has made jewelry for twenty years. These are original pieces of jewelry - no two are the same!

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Our focus is to advance the future of medicine through gene therapy.

At Adira Foundation, we envision a world where people with neurodegenerative diseases are living fully.

With this collaborative network of cross-disciplinary care and resources, we can finally help ease the burdens faced by individuals living with these complex health conditions. By working together, we can make it easier for patients to navigate the healthcare system, better our understanding of neurodegenerative disease and make a real change in our communities.

Neurocrine Biosciences is a neuroscience-focused, biopharmaceutical company with 28 years of experience discovering and developing life-changing treatments for people with serious, challenging and under-addressed neurological, endocrine and psychiatric disorders.

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