I'm Not Alone: Helping Young People Cultivate a Sense of Connection

I'm Not Alone: Helping Young People Cultivate a Sense of Connection

This talk will provide a sample roadmap of how to decrease feelings of isolation and concerns of “not feeling normal” within the HD Community.  Although focused on one young man’s journey, this talk with help all individuals impacted by HD open avenues of connection.


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I'm Not Alone - Helping Young People Cultivate a Sense of Connection

Chandler Swope LICSW - Speaker

Chandler Swope, LICSW


Chandler Swope, LICSW is the Director of Youth Services for the Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization (HDYO). Chandler joined the HDYO team in 2014 to launch the first professional youth service program in the United States. Through this position, she has worked with 100’s of families and young people across the United States impacted by HD. She is also responsible for planning and facilitating the North American HD Youth Camp that launched in 2015. Day-to-day she works with individuals (35 years of age and under) and families to provide support, answer questions and help navigate their journeys with HD. She is extremely active in the global HD Community and can be found advocating for the HD Parity Act on Capitol Hill as well as co-leading projects for the Young Adults Working Group for the European Huntington’s Disease Network. She has an extensive background working with young people and families to address family trauma and crisis. Chandler received her Master’s in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis.